Self-Service Stand

La Gauchita Bakery proposes an efficient supermarkets sales system that works in practically all the places where it has been implemented with the concept of SELF-SERVICE SALE STANDS located inside supermarkets and shopping malls. The presentation of the product in bulk in the self-service stand makes a difference for the customer and he/she can appreciate the handmade characteristic, which is our essence as a brand.

The self-service stand allows the customer to see the bulk product, choose freely the product he/she wants and pay in the cash register after all the shopping has been done.

The replenishment and withdrawal of products of the self-service sale stands is carried out on a daily basis so as to always have fresh products, and there is a supervisor who daily checks our stock.

Our big secret is having 100% HANDMADE PRODUCTS! Different kinds of pastries made with our own hands, without additives, and using truly Argentinian recipes. Each of our preparations is made by expert hands, with best quality ingredients for a perfect production. This is reflected in our bulk products presented in the self-service stands.

We want to print our seal through the visual aspect, that’s why our sale stands offer 100% HANDMADE quality products, with an easy and effective service!

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