About Us

We are a family business with a long and sweet culinary tradition, from Argentina, province of Buenos Aires, specifically from Mar del Plata. Mr. Roberto Eduardo Aereboe began this long road to make the country’s typical pastry-making known. This is how he arrived to Santiago of Chile, with these unknown flavors and traditions, which were quickly and widely accepted by Chilean homes.

Thus, Mr. Roberto started his first business “La Gauchita”, in the core of Las Condes neighborhood, in a very busy street called El Bosque. Little by little his family, daughters and sons-in-law, followed his steps and joined this promising project, which quickly grew, and got to Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Concón.

Unfortunately, Mr. Roberto is no longer with us, but his son-in-law Pedro Lladser and his daughters Elisabet and Mariel Aereboe continue this tradition, 100% dedicated to providing an excellent product and an innovative sales system, with sale stands located in supermarkets and shopping malls. In these places the Argentinian facturas (pastries) and the famous “La Gauchita” medialunas (croissants) are sold, which have been recognized as one of the best in the country.

Apart from working in supermarket chains, we supply our delicious products to food service companies, private hospitals, hotels, factory canteens, and to those who stand out for always choosing the best products for their customers.

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